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4 sessions per month

Establish a positive mindset

Perform at your highest level

Gain clarity on your life purpose

Get undivided attention on your projects

Emphasis on self exploration and personal growth

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Weekly group calls

Perfect your leadership skills

Become a better communicator

Opportunity for new experiences

A library of useful information to stimulate thought

How it works

Coaching is the process of powerful questioning and higher level conversations which expands the periphery of thought, creating access to new areas of opportunity. The commitment to partnering with a coach holds one accountable and consistently pushes the limit of ones capabilities resulting in new life experiences and an improved quality of life.

Sessions are held via Zoom and are private and confidential.

A great complement to private coaching

A group environment presents new challenges and exercises different faculties of the mind. Stepping into leadership can be somewhat daunting and this is a safe space to ease oneself into ones greatness while focusing on developing ones communication skills and presence. Partake in activities which fosters social integration and establishing trust amongst your peers. Practice accountability and support for yourself and others and take charge of your life.

The group coaching community is hosted at Greater Accomplishment.

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